Logic and Problem Solving!

Games are always a good choice when trying to teach children to think logically and solve problems. With my grandson’s severe ADHD, these were skills he REALLY struggled with. I downloaded logic puzzles, bought puzzle books, made up games, and bought a few games, like “Guess Who”, “Clue”, etc., to help him develop these skills. We didn’t have any of the “Guess in 10” games since these card games just came out this year, but this looks like a great choice for learning to think logically while learning about animals AND HAVING FUN!

Award Winning Game

This game is perfect for travel or just a quick break from studies. They have games with other topics like States of America, Marvel, etc., and they come in expanded board games as well! The game is recommended ages 6+, but I’ve learned that even very young children are capable of joining in when partnered with an older child or adult!

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