Endangered Species Fun-Schooling Book

One of the Fun-Schooling journals that my grandson is using is the “All About Endangered Species Science & Research Study Guide.” He recently started this one, so he hasn’t finished working on the first animal (Sea Turtles!) I think ALL The Thinking Tree books are AMAZING, but I believe this one is fast becoming one of my favorites, partly because I LOVE animals!

Did you know there seven different species of Sea Turtles? Or that Leathernecks are the largest species and travel thousands of miles a year in search of jellyfish and/or mates? Or that some experts estimate that under natural conditions, only one out of a thousand Sea Turtle babies will live to adulthood? My grandson knows this now because of the articles and books he’s read for his journal!”

All About Endangered Species features 26 rare animals that are currently in danger of becoming extinct. Your child will learn all kinds of interesting facts using resources, such as books, magazines, videos, movies, documentaries, games, and websites, to research and record information on the ten pages dedicated to each animal. He will learn about the animal’s habitat, enemies, food, and babies; research why the animal is endangered and what can be done to help; tell where (in the world) the animal lives; name other animals that live in the same area; watch a documentary, draw the animal, and make up a story about it. Some of the animals I had never heard of. Do you know what axolotis are? I just had to look them up and they are so cute!

**You will notice that I wrote extra instructions on some pages and changed instructions on others. I do this because my grandson has severe ADHD. If you have read the earlier post about my grandson and ADHD, you will know that children with ADHD have delays in developing their executive functions, which are what allow a person to know how to get started on a project and what steps to take to continue and complete it. If I don’t write extra instructions telling him what to do, he will literally just stare at the page and not get started on it. I changed some of the instructions because my grandson doesn’t enjoy drawing and well, because I can! The beauty of Fun-Schooling AND homeschooling is that YOU are in charge. With these Fun-Schooling journals, you can easily add to or change directions if you want. Most children can use the journals with little to no assistance and choose their own resources to use. My grandson struggles with that, so this is how WE Fun-School! If you’re a Fun-Schooler, leave a comment and let me know how your child(ren) uses the journals!

This journal is recommended for ages 8-17.

As you can see from the first few photos above, I write in additional and/or different instructions for my grandson on some pages since he has severe ADHD and needs more guidance than some other children. Feel free to change or add to any instructions you feel you need to…or let your children decide how they’d like to use some of the pages! The more involved they are in making choices about their education, the more likely they are to enjoy learning!

Please remember that this journal, as well as most of the Fun-Schooling journals, are set up to be used as a FUN and organized way to RECORD what they learn from the RESOURCES they pick out (books, movies, videos, documentaries, games, audiobooks, magazines, apps, and websites!) The actual learning comes from the resources. Some parents purchase the journals and then are disappointed because they don’t have the information written in them for their children to read and memorize, etc. Doing that would defeat the purpose of Fun-Schooling and would make these books “just another textbook!”

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