How to Get Started Fun-Schooling

Now that you know a little bit about what Fun-Schooling is, the next question some people may have is, “How do I get started Fun-Schooling?” I will do my best to answer that!

When you first make the change from a standard textbook curriculum (or public/private school) to Fun-Schooling, it may take your child a while to get accustomed to the idea that HE or SHE will be able to make choices about what he wants to learn. The longer he has been using other curriculum, the longer it may take him. Don’t give up! He should adjust in time and start to realize just how much FUN learning can be!

You can have your child slowly make the transition to Fun-Schooling by starting him out with a core journal. Once he’s used it long enough to start understanding how Delight-directed learning works, you can start changing the subjects one at the time. If you have a child that does better with routine and is resistant or stresses over change, this may be the best way to transition him. Since my grandson has severe ADHD, he doesn’t do well with a lot of change at once, so this is how I swapped him over to Fun-Schooling. I bought him an eclectic core journal and the United States Geography, History & Social Studies Handbook and we started with those two and continued using other curriculum for math, language arts, etc. After a couple of months, I started swapping more of his books and I started him on Dyslexia Games Series C books. Even though he doesn’t have dyslexia, he struggles with focusing, fine motor skills, spelling, writing, etc., and doing a couple of pages of the Dyslexia Games every day before his other work is helping! Now, we have completely swapped over and he uses only Fun-Schooling journals and Dyslexia Games for all his courses!

If you prefer to “Flip to Fun-Schooling” all at once, the link below written by Sarah Janisse Brown will tell you the best way to do that!

I will go over these steps in more detail in my next blog posts!

These were our first two Fun-Schooling Journals:

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