My Gift

In 2000, my daughter (my oldest child) graduated high school and got ready to set out on her own. I wrote this poem for her and had it published on her personal page in her senior yearbook. This poem is where I got the inspiration for my blog title.

My Gift

From the moment we shared a heartbeat, I began to make my plans

For the important gift I would give you, One I’d make with my own hands.

I chose the feathers carefully, gentle ones from the wings of a dove

Then put them together one by one and glued them with tears of love.

I would love to keep you with me, but I know better than to try

It’s time to take my gift of wings and learn to make them fly.

And if you should find from time to time, some feathers are coming undone

Just come back home and I’ll be here and we’ll mend them one by one!

I love you,


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